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Swajan Social Development & Health Education Samiti (SSDHES) is a voluntary and non-profitable organization. It was registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act on 25th, June, 2010 and pursuing activities in the field of community development by sensitization and promoting people on various developmental issues in a capability to work in all over Rajasthan. Swajan believes in a collective and coordinated strategy wherein it involves the efforts of various individuals, groups, NGOs and CBOs in the direction of development of the target population.

The vision is addresses the issues of community development i.e. unemployment, livelihood, health, environment, social welfare and economic development and rights of women & children etc.


  • To ensure the optimum resources utilization available in society for the social, educational and economical development of community with specific reference to Youth.
  • To best utilize the every possible opportunity for vocational training leading self-employment and placement.
  • To promote and make rural development real sustainable the volunteer cadre in project locale by identifying, capacitating and regular mentoring to keep them active.
  • To reach the unreached, especially women to provide convergence in health, environment, social welfare and Economic Development.
  • To generate Health awareness with an objective “Health for All” and initiate health seeking behavior at community level.
  • To conduct research and impact evaluation studies for generating real data base and dissemination with stake holders of the community development to focus them for the current needs for further programme implications.
  • To organize various training and capacity building programmes for community developmental issues.


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Swajan Social Development & Health Education Samiti
223, Opposite Padmini Palace Hotel,
Kharbuja Mandi, M.D Road, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India 302004

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