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1. Sanjeevni: Health Checkup cum Awareness Camp

Regular free General Health Checkup and Treatment Camp is organized by organization in different slum areas on regular basiswith following objectives:

  • To provide mobile health care servicesin villages where the basic access to health service is lacking.
  • To increase access to health care in an out of reach area to bring health care into a community with limited access, specifically to those who are uninsured or underinsured.
  • To ensure curative health care by prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for the common ailments and referral to hospital for other cases.
  • To educate and build health awareness about preventive health care issues including family planning, communicable and other diseases. The clinic also integrates patients into existing social services and health care systems through referrals.
  • To support and supplement special health related activities and preventive programs such as, Health and sanitation awareness generation through group discussion, IEC material.

2. Eye Checkup cum Awareness Camp for Rural Population

Swajan Sansthan organized the General Eye Checkup cum Awareness Camps in villages. The following services were provided :

  • Eye checkup
  • Free distribution of optical
  • Free distribution of medicine
  • Counseling

3. HIV /AIDS Awareness

Swajan Sansthan organized the General Eye Checkup cum Awareness Camps in villages. The following services were provided :

  • Rally among college students on World AIDS Day – 1st December: Swajan in association with college students organized a workshop, rally to spread awareness among to transfer knowledge of prevention of HIV and reduce stigma and discrimination also to reduce myths of HIV infections
  • Workshop on HIV AIDS with Soldiers: World AIDS Day, Organization observed WAD with association with BSF soldiers. A workshop was organized in BSF campus on HIV focusing on this year the theme was Leadership, Commitment & Impact.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness and CounselingCamp: The HIV/AIDS Counselling and Awareness Camp was organized on 1st December, with truckers who can be victim of HIV/AIDS easily due negligence of proper knowledge of the HIV/AIDS at Bagru, Jaipur.

4. World TB Day

Tuberculosis (TB) has become the world’s leading infectious killer diseaseeach year on 24th March 2017 observed as World Tuberculosis Day to raise awareness about TB and to advocate for efforts to eliminate it. “Unite to end TB” is the global theme for World Tuberculosis Day and it resonates as a reminder that we can overcome the challenge, end TB, and stand together. In this context Swajan Sansthan organized an awareness programme to observe Word TB day on March 24thin district Hospital as well various Schools in the city

5. Blood Donation Camp

A Blood Donation Camp was organized in Mahindra Limited – Agri Development Centre with the staff members. The camp was jointly organized with SantokbaDurlabhji Memorial Hospital (SDMH) to getting technical support and one of the oldest blood banks in Jaipur and collected 51 units were collected.

6. School Sanitation Programme

Sanitation is very vital factor for healthy life of children. Thus, if hygienic habits will be developed in childhood it can be made lifelong to them. Keeping mind this motto the institute have organized ten sessions with schools students with support of power point presentation and film shows. Oral fecal disease transmission chart were also discussed with them. In the end of each session open discussions were organised about relations between health and sanitation.

7. Love You Zindagi

Love You Zindagi an initiative of organization to ensure and easy access to find out Condoms for the prevention strategies in the India’s National AIDS Control Programme III (NACP III) is to reduce sexual transmission of HIV within high-risk sexual networks, and from these high-risk networks into the general population. Accordingly, NACP III prioritizes HIV prevention among truckers as a key programme component and reaching truckers with effective HIV prevention programmes and services.Evidence in India and elsewhere shows that the community of truckers is vulnerable to HIV due to a higher prevalence of risky sexual behaviour, which results from a variety of social and economic factors as well as their work patterns

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